Maastricht is waiting for you!

Registered as one of the best conference cities in The Benelux, Maastricht provides the perfect meeting and incentive environment. An international renowned conference center, the largest international university of The Netherlands, a booming Health Campus and many international organisations (EIPA, European Journalism Center, United Nations University) have developed this region into a true international business hotspot.

  • 60% of Europe?s buying power resides within a 500 kilometer radius of Maastricht.
  • 50% of students in Maastricht are foreign students.
  • Three Academic hospitals within a 25 kilometer radius.
  • Largest international university of the Netherlands with booming Health Campus.
  • Eight airports within a one hour drive.
  • International hotspot for Life Sciences, MedTech industries, Energy, Logistics and Leisure.
  • 2nd largest conference center in The Netherlands.
  • 4th largest hotel city in The Netherlands.
  • Global corporations such as Brightlands Chemelot, APG, Medtronic, Mercedes Benz, VDL Nedcar, have settled in this Maastricht region.
  • 30 international Call Centres with over 5000 employees
  • Over 50 European distribution centers in the Med Tech industry.
  • Large international automotive hub, Mercedes Benz, Mini.
  • 60% of the SME companies in the region operates on an international scale.
  • Liege is only 5 kilometers apart from the Maastricht city center

Maastricht, a great place to meet!

Since the Treaty of Maastricht and the birth of the Euro in 1991, Maastricht has leaped into becoming the greatest internationally focused city of The Netherlands. With multiple worldwide renowned events and high class hotels and restaurants, Maastricht has truly become a great place to meet.

Roman Empire meets modern age.

Discover a city that radiates a truly unique historic atmosphere. The old bridges reveal the story of the first Roman settlers, and lead you to a vibrant and cultural city centre set amongst residual medieval walls. Together with modern art museums, theatres and new architectorial living areas, this is a city where different times and cultures come together in perfect harmony.

Maastricht Hills

The southern countryside is a well sought holiday location for many international tourists. The Maastricht hills offer you a chance to rejuvinate, take a deep breath and enjoy nature. Old castles, churches and timbered farms set the stage for interesting tours with some stunning views. If Maastricht is your destination, the Limburgian hillside definately offers a fantastic daytrip.

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