Museum Square Limburg


Museum Square Limburg


There is an earth. That earth is populated by people who work the earth to make it livable. The livable Earth is decorated with buildings and objects. One of the Museum of Limburg institutions concerns the earth, one institution is concerned about the process that allows us to organize the livable earth and one institution is about the objects we use in these livable world .

The Cube Design museum, the Columbus Earth theatre and the Discovery Centre form the? Museum of Limburg. Each institution tells a part of the oldest story: the relationship of man with the world in which he lives. The three institutions are aimed at different audiences.


An ” alien ” experience, unique in the world, that you have to experience! Columbus earth theater takes you on spectacular trips to undiscovered places. See the world like never before! Columbus earth theater offers you an unforgettable movie experience like nowhere shown the world. Travel with Columbus , look down to the earth and your view of the world will never be the same …


Cube design museum is the first museum in the Netherlands dedicated to design. Cube shows design and content; design which has an impact on the world. Visiting Cube provides insight into the process of design, inspires and stimulates thinking actively about the design of the world. Cube not only presents exhibitions by leading international and Euregional design, but also acts as a multidisciplinary laboratory, where visitors work with students and designers to innovative product design .


Continium is an interactive museum where you do and discover with your hands and eyes. The museum allows you to find out by yourself how the world works. Besides the permanent exhibitions , where you will learn all about science and technology , there is often a new exchange expo.